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The Importance of Alumni Involvement at WSU

Most of us would say that we owe much of our success to the student experience and the world-class education we received at WSU. Volunteering and becoming more involved in the university can be your way to say "thank you". The opportunities and ways you can give back to WSU are endless and it's a decision that is critically important to the success of the University. Together, we can make a positive and lasting impact on WSU.

By becoming more involved in WSU you will be helping today's students become tomorrow's leaders and helping WSU achieve its key initiatives - which benefit us all. Helping past, present, and future Cougars is what being a Cougar is all about.

We encourage you to work with the Alumni Association to find opportunities for you to make a positive difference for WSU.Please contact the Alumni Association office at 1-800-258-6978if you have any questions. We would love to visit with you!

African American Alumni Chapter
The African American Alumni Chapter assists with planning events, and the recruitment and retention of African American Students. Visit the website at

Alumni AssociationChapters and Clubs
Find local opportunities to become involved right in your own region with events and programs that link alumni to their community and WSU. Visit the website at

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Alumni Chapter
The Asian-American/Pacific Islander Chapter assists with planning events, and the recruitment and retention of Asian Pacific students. Visit the website at

Greek Alumni Organization
The GAO provides an opportunity to reconnect with your fraternity or sorority by helping to mentor and guide students who walked in your footsteps. The GAO helps with student recruitment, house management, and events for like-minded Greek alumni. Visit the website at

Ku-Au-Mah/Native-American Alumni Chapter
Ku-Au-Mah works with the Native American community to expand outreach to Native American students and communities andplan cultural events. Visit the website at

La Alianza de WSU
La Alianza is the alumni alliance that works with Chicano / Latino students and alumni. This organization assists with event planning, student recruitment, and student retention. Visit the website at

Student Alumni Ambassadors
Student AlumniAmbassadors (SAA) organizes events to sustain and create Washington State University traditions. Visit the website at

Young Alumni Network
The Young Alumni Network provides networking opportunitiescombined withgenerational-specificevents tailored to assist busy career builders. Visit the website at


Dina Ibarra '02


Dina Ibarra is passionate about education and its potential to fuel positive opportunities.  As the lead preschool teacher for a Head Start program in Mabton, Washington, Ibarra works with children of migrant workers to help ready them for kindergarten.  She grew up in nearby Grandview, the daughter of two teachers, and was a volunteer tutor in high school.  "Teaching is a way to give back to the community," she says.


At WSU, she quickly engaged with WSU’s vibrant Chicana/o and Latina/o community and spent her undergraduate years volunteering with several multicultural organizations.  She “found her calling” visiting high schools and speaking with students of color about opportunities at WSU.


During her junior and senior years, Ibarra worked with WSU's Mujeres Unidas organization to help put on the Educated Latinas Leading America (ELLA) conference, bringing Latina role models to campus.  Ibarra was honored with the President's Award for Leadership and Service in 2001 and 2002 for her work with the ELLA conference.  "There was a need for the Latina community to have something of our own.  The conference was something that I felt I needed, and something I wanted to do to give back to other women," she says.   


Now the president of the WSUAA La Alianza chapter, Ibarra hopes to further strengthen the Latina/o WSU community by helping alumni reengage with the University. 


She's also active with her sorority, Gamma Alpha Omega, and remains involved in WSU recruiting activities.  "I want to reach as many people as possible," she says.  "I want them to know the opportunities that exist for a college education at WSU." 


Ibarra hopes other Latinas will experience the "close, supportive" multicultural community at WSU, adding, "I thank WSU for the person I am today."