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Give the Gift of Membership

If you know of other Cougars or friends of WSU who share your passion for WSU but are not yet members of the WSUAA, we invite you to buy them a gift membership in the Alumni Association.

Giving a gift membership in the WSU Alumni Association is a great idea for birthdays, special occasions, and the holidays. Like you, your fellow Cougars will soon find out just how much their membership matters to alumni, students, the association, WSU, and them. The expanded benefits, programs, and discounts will make anyone who loves WSU very happy. The rewards of membership are many, and the numerous benefits can be enjoyed all year through. It’s a gift any Cougar would be thrilled to receive and will serve as a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity. A gift membership is also important to WSU. With more members in the WSUAA, we can be much stronger advocates for the University.

Giving the gift of membership is easy and affordable ($45 for an Annual Membership, $600 for a Life Membership).

Thank you for being a member of the WSUAA, and thank you for helping us increase the number of members. Together, we can keep the WSU Alumni Association the fastest-growing association in the Nation.

Click here to give the gift of membership, but please note: if you would like the membership to be a surprise, please call us at 509-335-2586 so we can make sure it stays a secret!