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WSU Alumni Association
Leadership Award Application

The WSU Alumni Association Leadership Awards provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to current WSU students who have distinguished themselves through outstanding leadership qualities and academic excellence.

All students who have shown outstanding extracurricular and community involvement, in addition to motivation and scholastic ability, are encouraged to apply to the WSU Alumni Association for a student leadership scholarship at Washington State University.

The WSU Alumni Association welcomes those from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.

The primary focus of this award is leadership. Leadership may be demonstrated through traditional school activities, work responsibilities, community involvement, church-related activities, and family commitments. The WSU Alumni Association seeks to recognize the accomplishments of youth leaders and endeavors to encourage and support potential leaders.

AWARD AMOUNT:   $3,000 for the 2014/15 school year.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE:  Students who will be WSU sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better and who have completed WSU's General Scholarship Application.

HOW TO APPLY: (Important: Only students who have completed BOTH the general scholarship application AND the supplemental essay will be reviewed for selection.)

1. Complete WSU's General Scholarship Application application by January 31, 2014.  

2. Submit a supplemental essay by January 31, 2014, addressing both of the following topics.  Please limit your response to 1000 words or less.  SUBMIT ESSAY HERE

TOPIC 1:  Discuss the toughest leadership challenge/situation you have faced and explain how a college education will help you be a better leader in the future.

TOPIC 2: Discuss a community service leadership role you have participated in, and how it impacted you and those you served.