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Welcome to the WSUAA Student Network

The WSUAA has developed a valuable and highly requested program exclusively for students of Washington State University. When you join the WSUAA, you'll be able to take advantage of expanding WSUAA programs, discounts, and services designed to meet the growing needs of today's outstanding students.

Benefits Include

  • BIG savings on computer gear, cell phones and cell service, and office supplies from, T-Mobile, and Office Depot.

  • Attend social events in your area, help plan fun events, and grow your Cougar network. For more information about events, please contact our Student Alumni Ambassadors group.

  • Wear the coolest Cougar apparel and save with discounts at The Bookie, Crimson and Gray, and the Washington State Connection store.

  • Keep yourself covered with group-rate discounts on auto insurance and short-term medical.

Click here and join today using our secure online form

The Senior Scholarship Fund

Created in 1999, the Senior Scholarship Fund is an endowed fund comprised of senior class gifts to provide scholarships for deserving undergraduate students, including incoming freshmen, at Washington State University.

Funds raised through each annual drive are combined with those raised from each graduating class since 1999. Because the scholarships fund is endowed, contributions are invested and scholarships are awarded from the gains of that investment.

As a senior, your WSU education is likely drawing to a close. You've worked hard in the classroom, made friendships for life, and had some fun along the way.

You have the opportunity to prove just how COUG you truly are while leaving a truly lasting mark at WSU. By making a gift to the Senior Scholarship Fund you'll be a part of a permanent legacy—benefiting Cougs following in your footsteps.

For more information, please visit the How Coug Are You? web site.