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Chapters and Regional Clubs

Stay connected to WSU and fellow alumni who share similar interests and are located in the same local or regional area.


African American Chapter

          Angela Brown (

Asian American/Pacific Islander Chapter

          Lloyd Copeland (

Central Washington Chapter

         Kami Mensonides (

Inland Empire Chapter

         Anthony Frei (
         Hugh Severs (

King County Chapter

Danna Gibson (
Tim Pauley (

Kitsap County Chapter

Nate Murphy (
Jeff and Janet George (
Alyson Rotter (

Ku-Au-Mah/Native-American Chapter

       Rebecca Miles (

La Alianza de WSU

         Jessica Landaverde-Ozuna (

Lower Columbia Chapter

North Central Washington Chapter

Kris Vog (

North Olympic Peninsula Chapter

Kristi Boone (

Palouse Chapter

Kim Mueller (

Pierce County Chapter

Kevin Hanson (

Skagit Valley Chapter

Lindsay Fiker (

Snohomish County Chapter

Diane Kolb (

South Central Washington Chapter

         Jacki Fasching Knapp (

South Puget Sound Chapter

David Logan (

Southeast Washington Chapter

Southwest Washington Chapter

Paris Powell (

Tri-Cities Chapter

Liz Lee (

Twin Harbor Chapter

Andi Day (


Alaska Chapter

Kristi Boone (

Arizona and Southern Nevada Chapter

Jonalynn McFadden (

California (Please see San Diego, Southern California or Northern California)

Chicago Chapter

Jill Sampson (

Colorado Chapter

Matt Luckey (

Hawaii Chapter

Idaho Chapter

Ryan Dowell (

Nevada (Please see Arizona & Southern Nevada)

New York Chapter

Zoe Werner (

Northern California Chapter

Alicia Cholaj (

Oklahoma Chapter

 Cameron McCoy (

Oregon Chapter

Ashley MacMillan (

San Diego Chapter

Brian Baugh (

Southern California Chapter

Rick Simon (

Washington, DC Chapter

Scott Heath (


Atlanta, Georgia Club

David Cox (

Bend, Oregon Club

Leslie Archer (

Florida Club

Missoula, Montana Club

Clay Looney (

Ohio Club

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Club

Ryan Nottingham (

Texas Club

           Austin: John Quist (
           Dallas: Nate Bond (
           Houston: Jeff Larson (
           Houston: Betty Donellan (

Utah Club

Erik & Laura Falter (